Making Hunger Extinct!

For this year’s Canstruction competition, the C.W. Driver Companies teamed up to create a ferocious Jurassic Park-inspired structure. Using more than 5,000 tuna cans, we built a 6-foot-tall Jurassic Park logo with the phrase “Feed Me!” across the bottom. The structure also included a fossilized dinosaur footprint in front of the logo wall.

Canstruction OC is an annual charity competition where teams design and build elaborate structures entirely out of canned food. At the end of the month, all canned food items will be donated to the OC Food Bank.

Instead of staying up all night at South Coast Plaza, this year we were able to build the structure during the day at the recently completed ARTIC in Anaheim. This allowed us to have more team members from Driver SPG, Driver URBAN, and C.W. Driver help throughout the six hours it took to build the structure.

We would like to thank Brenton Wiberg for designing the structure as well as all the team members who helped build it: Jill Smithwick, Jaymie Smith, Ethan Strong, Roth Desko, Andrew Borchman, Brett Montgomery, Serge Norkin, Chris Lopez, Hahn Vu, Devon Basham, Nick Nelson, Brian DeMartino, and Jeff Rae.

Of course, we could not have done it without the support of our team sponsors! Thank you to everyone who donated to our team: Taber Company, Don Brandel Plumbing, DMA Greencare Contracting, Atlas Mechanical, Land Forms Landscape, Pacific Carpets, A&D Fire Sprinklers, Inc., John Jory Corporation, Xcel Mechanical, Ben F Smith, Raymond Group, C.W. Driver Sony PSB Project Team, and Cupertino Electric.

If you’re in the Anaheim area, stop by the ARTIC and see our structure in person, it will be on display until the end of September! You can also see more pictures of our team building it by clicking here.