Corporate Safety Program
Our comprehensive Environmental Health & Safety Program reflects Driver SPG’s commitment to the overall safety of our project teams, subcontractors, all site visitors, and the community. At Driver SPG, we are dedicated to the elimination of incidents and their associated costs by preventing, removing, or mitigating unsafe acts and conditions, and by responding properly to challenging situations. Rather than simply reacting to incidents and correcting contributing factors, our objective is to be proactive and prevent incidents from occurring. Aggressive safety management techniques such as improved hazard recognition, hazard correction, and employee involvement help reduce occupational injuries and illnesses. We promote our EH&S Program as a corporate-wide process that helps us ensure a safe work environment for each Driver SPG employee and our subs.

Driver SPG recognizes that open, two-way communication between management and field employees on environmental, health, and safety issues is essential to an injury-free, productive workplace. We provide employees with employees with up-to-date information regarding EH&S requirements and issues. Our communication system includes:

Distribution of Driver SPG’s and legislative safety standards

• Corporate and project worker/management safety committees
• Quarterly Safety Collaboration Meetings with Operations and the Safety Department
• Review of company EH&S policies and procedures including Injury & Illness Prevention Plans
• Regular training
• Regularly scheduled safety meetings
• A system for sending anonymous suggestions to the Safety Department and Safety Committee Team Members.
• Distribution of the Company Safety News Letter
• Postings and Resource Information

Driver SPG continues to strive for safety excellence through our continuous improvement processes with Cal/OSHA. By identifying both leading and lagging safety indicators, evaluating procedures and continuously searching for a safer more effective way, we will achieve our goals.