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Quality Control
C.W Driver is recognized for delivering the highest quality projects in the industry and Driver SPG shares their proven quality assurance resources and their commitment to excellence.

Driver SPG’s standards and goals for quality are formally documented in our Corporate Quality Control Program. This document sets forth the company policies and implementation procedures for all phases of construction and is centered on ensuring quality for all materials, services and workmanship for each of our projects.

The first and most crucial step in achieving a high quality, successful project is the constructability review process. Beginning in the early design stages, Driver SPG will analyze the construction documents for build-ability, building systems coordination, site logistics, weatherproofing, and completeness. By working hand-in-hand with the design team through each phase of design, inconsistencies and coordination errors that typically plague construction documents can be minimized before the bidding period. The result is a high quality set of plans and specifications that is clearly interpreted and accurately bid by trade contractors.

Site Specific Quality Control Plan
As a project transitions into the construction phase, a Site Specific Quality Control Plan is developed and tailored to fit the individual needs and associated risks of that project.

Key components of the Quality Control Plan include moisture intrusion prevention, issues management, 3D MEP coordination, submittal review, pre-installation meetings, pre-cover inspections and building commissioning.

Our team utilizes a multi-faceted approach to ensure exceptional construction quality and craftsmanship:

• Subcontractor Selection – Our firm’s subcontractor selection process focuses on attracting highly qualified and quality-oriented subcontractors, engaging only the top level craftsmen. We regularly inspected the work as it was being installed to ensure the highest quality.

• Constructability Reviews – During the pre-construction stage, our team and the subcontractors perform a series of comprehensive plan and specification reviews to ensure the documents are bid-able, build-able and properly coordinated. These reviews can be augmented by 3-D BIM models to reveal and correct clash detections, eliminating scope and schedule set-backs.

• Communication – As part of its Site Specific Quality Control (QC) Plan, we hold foreman start-up meetings, pre-installation conferences and daily “plan table” meetings to communicate quality and craftsmanship expectations of subcontractors.

• Submittal Reviews – We thoroughly reviewed submittals and shop drawings for completeness, accuracy and proper coordination with other trades.