Driver SPG & Driver URBAN Build Ice Cream Sundae out of 5,500 Cans!

Recently, employees from Driver SPG and Driver URBAN stayed up all night at South Coast Plaza building a 7-foot-tall ice cream sundae out of canned food! The structure is part of the OC Food Bank’s annual Canstruction competition and is on display at South Coast Plaza until the end of the month. Once the competition is over, all food is donated to the OC Food Bank. We used over 5,500 cans in our structure this year!

Our team was prepared for the long night with ice chests full of energy drinks, plenty of snacks, and a killer soundtrack. We built from 10:30 PM on Friday night until 5:30 AM Saturday morning and had a lot of fun throughout the night. Of course, we could not have done it without the support of our team sponsors! Thank you to everyone who donated to our team: Largo Concrete, West Coast Drywall & Paint, Taber Company, Helix Electric, A & D Fire Sprinklers, CMF, Elite Construction Equipment, Kana Pipeline, Red Pointe Roofing, Hebert Resources, Sheward & Son & Sons, DMA Greencare Contracting, and ESI Contracting.